Monday, November 6, 2017

So How Could You Have Invested Ahead of the Saudi Purge?

"As an example, since your suggestion in the alert for an investment in Glencore, my investment in that company has appreciated a spectacular average of 163%" -From an unsolicited EPJ Daily Alert subscriber email received today.

On July 10, 2017, I wrote
in the EPJ Daily Alert:
I have regularly written here that I suspect that Trump and the Saudis will attempt to reduce oil supplies coming out of the Middle East and possibly elsewhere. Trump has a three-leg administration, it is filled with Goldman Sachs people, the military and not as widely noticed oil men. Trump will want oil up for the oil men. The Saudis have the massive Aramaco IPO coming late next year. They are going to want the oil price high going into that IPO.
So far the idea that there is some kind of plot in the early stages has been conjecture on my part...
Some further snippets from the  EPJ Daily Alert:

June 21, 2017:
Overnight, Saudi's King Salman unveiled his decision to relieve 57-year old Interior Minister Muhammad bin Nayef of his position as crown prince in favor of his 31-year old son, Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman.
This could be significant for the oil price going into 2018.
Bin Salman, known as MbS, has a reputation for interacting in an impulsive and often abrasive manner, particularly with regards to international relations. It is believed that he is largely responsible for the aggressive military action the Kingdom is conducting against Yemen. 
He also sees Iran as a major enemy.
July 3, 2017:
The Aramaco IPO is Mohammed bin Salman's plan. He is going to do everything he can to get the oil price up for the IPO. I would not rule out anything. 

July 5, 2017:
It is not clear how aggressive the Saudi-bloc will get at this time but the confrontation underlines the instability in the region and the generally aggressive stance Saudi Arabia is willing to take with the new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, exerting more and more influence.

July 17, 2017:
Long-term ALERT readers know that my view is that Saudi Arabia's new Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is likely to do whatever it takes to get the oil price up ahead of the late 2018 IPO of Aramaco. I repeat whatever it takes
He is young and ruthless
July 24, 2017:
One final note. There are more moves in Saudi Arabia that are concentrating power into the hands of  Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

July 31, 2017:
I expect the Crown Prince to do what he thinks is necessary to get the price up. Nothing can be ruled out.

Today an EPJ Daily Alert subscriber emails:
I've been an alert subscriber for a few years.  Your advice has helped me take very strategic positions in Gold, Silver, and Oil.  As an example, since your suggestion in the alert for an investment in Glencore, my investment in that company has appreciated a spectacular average of 163%.  My Chesapeake Energy investment has appreciated an average of 11.3% overall just from my initial investments a few months ago when you mentioned the Aramaco IPO in July. 
 The trends you have identified in the annual Daily Alert subscription have proven more than worth the cost.
Note: Past spectacular recommendations do not guarantee future spectacular recommendations.


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