Wednesday, November 8, 2017

TRUMP ACTING LIKE A FASCIST: DOJ Demands AT&T Sell CNN for Time Warner Acquisition Approval

The Financial Times is reporting that the Justice Department told AT&T it must sell CNN to get approval for its merger with Time Warner.

according to FT, AT&T is opposed to selling the TV network and is preparing to take the Trump administration to court, arguing the deal with Time Warner does not pose any competition violations.

FT continues:
“It’s all about CNN,” said one person with direct knowledge of the talks between the company and the DOJ, adding that the regulator made it clear to AT&T that if it sold CNN the deal would go through...

At the end of last month, the two companies said they still expected to close the deal by the end of the year. But John Stephens, AT&T’s chief financial officer, told a New York investor conference on Wednesday that “the closing of the deal is now uncertain” — though he declined to go into detail about what had changed in the interim.

Mr Stephens added that a “vertical merger like this hasn't been blocked for over 40 years”.
No surprise here. This is all about President Trump's personal grudge against CNN and he is acting like a Banana Republic fascist to punish CNN.



  1. Jeff Bezos, call your office. Is this why he cashed out? Atlanta as new Amazon headquarters?

  2. What's the difference between a Banana Republic fascist and an american one? The former is transparently so. For any previous administration such demands arising out this and other processes of government approval were shrouded in technocratic babble so people argued over the decision's merits or lack there of instead of seeing the nature of the process.

  3. Saint Augustine on pirates.