Friday, November 10, 2017

Trump Delivers Asinine Speech in Vietnam at APEC CEO Summmit

Roughly 50 years after President Trump was prevented from going to Vietnam because of bone spurs in his heels, he has finally made it,

 Trump has traveled halfway around the world to display his lack of
understanding of free trade. In a speech delivered this morning in Da Nag,Vietnam at the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit, he attacked the non-issue of trade imbalances and went on to display ignorance of the benefits of unilateral free trade.

He said during his speech:
When the United States enters into a trading relationship with other countries or other peoples, we will, from now on, expect that our partners will faithfully follow the rules just like we do. We expect that markets will be open to an equal degree on both sides, and that private industry, not government planners, will direct investment.

Unfortunately, for too long and in too many places, the opposite has happened. For many years, the United States systematically opened our economy with few conditions. We lowered or ended tariffs, reduced trade barriers, and allowed foreign goods to flow freely into our country.

But while we lowered market barriers, other countries didn’t open their markets to us...

The current trade imbalance is not acceptable. I do not blame China or any other country, of which there are many, for taking advantage of the United States on trade. If their representatives are able to get away with it, they are just doing their jobs. I wish previous administrations in my country saw what was happening and did something about it. They did not, but I will.
The entire speech (video) is here.



  1. I wish they would take more advantage of us by making even more less expensive, equal quality goods and "dump" them on our markets.

  2. how you state that he traveled all the way to Vietnam "to display his ignorance"...ha ha.
    "When the United States enters into a trading relationship with other countries or other peoples..." if the trade relationship isn't comprised of tens of millions of individuals, rather than a monolithic nation.
    "Unfortunately, for too long and in too many places...the United States... opened our economy with few conditions. We...allowed foreign goods to flow freely into our country." Just...WOW. Translation: "Unfortunately, our liberty didn't have enough constraints."

  3. Just out of curiosity RW, we're you in the military? It seems disingenuous to talk about how evil the military is and then turn around and insinuate that someone else is a coward for not going to a war you didn't even think was worth fighting.

    1. You have a special gift for missing the point and dwell on the irrelevant, Paul.

    2. I joined the military so that I could protect the freedom of military members monopolizing the right to criticize others on whether someone is a coward or not.

      In other news: the reason libertarians and other Peace-minded people, whether stupid enough to have joined the military or not, criticize avoiders like Bush, Clinton, Cheney, and Trump is that they later become warmongers when their tails aren't on the line and they have the power to stop it.