Sunday, November 5, 2017

Two Federal Reserve Presidents to Speak at the Cato’s 35th Annual Monetary Conference

Cato Institute’s 35th Annual Monetary Conference is upcoming on Thursday, November 16.

It is far from type of event that Murray Rothbard envisioned the Institute would hold, when he co-founded the Institute in 1974.

This year's conference will feature two Federal Reserve preisdents, Loretta J. Mester
President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Charles I. Plosser
Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Also speaking will be the monetary mechanic, John B. Taylor and the Keynesian
Martin Feldstein, among others.

The "Reader's Digest" version of their views you can find any day by turning your television set to CNBC.

Skip the event and watch this.



  1. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot

  2. This conference is Jim Dorn's baby, and the lineup is similar as it has been for 35 years: 5 or 6 libertarians brought it to state and contrast their views with mainstream establishment types. It is nice to note that Lawrence H. White will have been a presenter at the !st and 35th Conference. I highly recommend his _The Clash of Economic Ideas_ as a readable economic history, if one is the least bit intrigued by the Rothbard tape presented here.