Wednesday, December 27, 2017

BIZARRE University of Chicago Prof. Viciously Attacks Hayek and His Followers

This truly remarkable.

Brian Leiter, who wrote the above, teaches moral, political and legal philosophy at the University of Chicago.



We may be getting into quite an epic battle here. Anthony Vander Elst  of Britain's Selsdon Group tweets:


Leiter has deleted the above tweet.


  1. Talk about needing a good psychiatrist. After reading Charles Burris post I looked up 'the higher sodomy'.

    Contained in this article I found this:

    He (Keynes) was not 'gay' in the modern sense of the world, fighting against prejudice and bullying from a bigoted establishment. Keynes and his circle were the establishment, whose prejudice led them to bully others. The Cambridge Apostles is the definitive book on the group in which Keynes lived and moved and had his being. He and his circle embraced what they called 'the higher sodomy' which was based on the idea, not just that sodomy should be tolerated, but that everything else was inferior. The philosophy of the higher sodomy held that the highest form of human relations was one in which men of refinement, intellect, class and aesthetic superiority combined their male friendships with sexual relations. To go to the club and converse with men of high intellect and then to have to go home to the little woman is a lower life, a falling short of the higher sodomy.

    1. Hmmm...So what's shakin' up in Bohemian Grove, I wonder?

    2. I had spent almost three hours on Christmas doing snow-blowing in the 8 degree heat when I collapsed on my bed and inadvertently started watching this excellent sappy movie.

      While watching the silly movie, I found the post about "critics" who hate Hallmark movies. I assumed they also hate puppies and kittens and then went back to watching the silly movie.

  2. Keynes was clearly just a rotten evil person who wished to destroy civilization. He expressed his personality through his use of teenage sex slaves and his witty promotion of an almost impenetrable funny-money kleptocracy.