Friday, December 22, 2017

Charles Barkley Thanks GOP for Taking 'Care of Us Rich People'

I am all for tax cuts, but Charles Barkley is correct, Trump tax reform is completely skewed to benefit Trump and his crony friends.

It is not generally understood but Trump's oil friends will be the biggest beneficiaries of the tax cuts, then followed by real estate partnerships.

Last January, I pointed to the Big Oil influence in the then incoming Trump Administration:
[W]hile it is fun to see Trump smash at parts of the establishment, do not think for a minute that this is a smashing of the Deep State itself.

The reemergence of the military wing can be seen with Trump naming military men to extremely significant Administration positions: National Security Adviser, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. These men to a man, named to these positions, hate Iran, believe Muslims, for the most part, are evil. These are not men of peace.

That crony Wall Street is still a player can be seen by the fact that, at last count, Trump has named eight crony bastards from Goldman Sachs to top positions in his Administration.

And evidence that the Big Oil influence is intact in the Trump Administration can be seen by the fact that the head of the EPA was put there on the recommendation of Big Oil. The Department of Energy will have the Big Oil friendly Rick Perry in charge, and at the epicenter of US global plotting, at Secretary of State, will be Rex Tillerson, who for the past 10 years has been the chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil.

It is delusional to think that Trump is anti-establishment with these Deep State players across his administration.


  1. The Don has been a crony and insider for decades. He used to rub shoulders with the Clintons when it suited him. The deep hatred the establishment has for Trump is not because they believed he was going to make such deep changes to their system. Their hate was generated by Trump ridiculing them during the election and on top of that winning against all their efforts.

    That scared the crap out of them not because they believed he was going to make any significant structural changes, but because they are running a rigged game and Trump rumbled and stumbled through their casino, threw their loaded dice and still rolled a winner. He has exposed some of their soft spots and continues to expose the MSM.

    Policy wise Trump is not much different than Obummer, Baby Bush, Clinton … or whoever will come after him. How many times have we gotten “tax reform”? How much has changed? Obummer favored renewable energy. Trump is swinging back toward oil. So maybe Exxon will only spend $750 million rather than a billion dollars per year on biofuels during Trumps reign.

    “And the beards have all grown longer overnight.”

    1. Anyone that is surprised by any of this hasnt been paying much attention to politics since Nixon.

      Its all been engineered!

  2. They don't hate Iran; they just hate the people that keep that keep them from taking all its oil.