Thursday, December 28, 2017

CNBC Director Arrested for Spying on Teen Babysitter With Hidden Bathroom Cam

CNBC Director Dan Switzen has been arrested for allegedly spying on his teenage babysitter with a nanny camera placed in a tissue box in a bathroom of his Westchester, NY home. 
The New York Daily News reports on the complaint filed by Pleasntville police which details how the teen discovered the camera and reported it immediately to authorities
On Nov. 13, his 18-year-old live-in nanny invited two of her friends, also 18, over to the house and one of them discovered the camera in the bathroom, sources said.
 “He intentionally installed a video recording device in a tissue box located in his family’s bathroom to surreptitiously view a person dressing or a place and time when (the victim) had a reasonable expectation of privacy without (her) knowledge or consent,” the complaint filed in Pleasantview Village Court reads.

According to his LinkedIn page, Switzen has been with CNBC for 16 years and has credits as a director on “The Suze Orman Show” and “Power Lunch.”



  1. Though this act was not consentual (and was dispicable), Switzen did not agrees against the nanny. Also, the act occurred on his property- he can install cameras wherever he would like.

  2. Did the nanny quit, after this revelation?