Saturday, December 30, 2017

Here Are Some of the People the Bastard Trump is Squeezing with His "Tax Reform"

Residents wait in line to pay taxes at the Fairfax County Government Center December 28, 2017 in Fairfax, Virginia.

(Via Slate)
Slate writes:
[I]n these frigid waning days of December, come the tax bill’s first visible losers: wealthy blue-state property owners...In the four days since Christmas, homeowners have lined up at city halls across the Northeast, doing something whose unnatural aspect reveals the scale of damage the tax bill will wreak in the Northeast: voluntarily handing over thousands of dollars in taxes months and months in advance.
Hundreds of people waited on lines at city halls and county seats from Fairfax County, Virginia, to the suburbs of Baltimore, New York, and Boston, trying to pay their property taxes while they remain fully deductible on federal returns. Starting next year,[baecause of Trump tax reform] the IRS will impose a limit of $10,000 on all state and local tax deductions.


  1. Fairfax County, VA is the 3rd richest in the country according to Forbes.


    A large portion of these people are living so large off the Federal teat in so many ways, I guess they're learning it's easy come, easy go. BTW, Didn't Rothbard have something to say about the absurdity of gov't employees even paying taxes?

  2. Citizens face the consequences of voting for high spending govt. Excellent. Next step: get rid of the $10,000 cap.

  3. A vast majority of America makes plus or minus $50k per year. These are the winners under this tax plan since the standard deduction was doubled. Besides, even for me, it had been hard to make the itemized deduction and the standard deduction is where we've always been cheated.

    I don't feel sorry for them. How many would like to abolish car inspection stickers, public schools, and other expensive government scams? I doubt few of them in line have even one pro-liberty view point.

    1. Yes, mandatory emissions or car inspections by the state are a huge scam.