Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Here's a Tweet President Trump is Not Going to Retweet

Of course, neither Trump nor Obama have had much to do with the advancing stock market. It is all about Federal Reserve money printing that is fueling the climb. It will reverse when the Fed stops the printing.



  1. Given that Obama took over near the bottom of the bust phase of the boom-bust cycle and Trump took over near the top of the boom phase of the boom-bust cycle, these types of percentage gains in the stock market would be expected, right?

  2. Along a constant refrain from Rothbardians that the market does not have or lack "momentum" or require "stimulus", we can add "The president does not run or manage the economy".

    How well do you think the president is managing the economy?

    What grade would you give the president for his managing of the economy?

    Gag me. Please.