Friday, December 8, 2017

Minor Uptick in Money Supply: What It Means

Today's headlines:

Minor Uptick in Money Supply: What It Means
Money supply (M2NSA) growth continues sluggish though it did tick up slightly this week. According to the Federal Reserve, three-month annualized money growth for this week came in at 4.8%. The previous week, growth came in at 4.7% and the same the week before that.

The growth continues at the lower band of recent money growth for this time of year, It is not.../

Thirty Risks to Markets in 2018

Unemployment Rate Holds at 17-Year Low

Subscriber Questions
Q. In light of the subscriber question on Wed related to money supply I have another question on the money supply trends.  If the fed continuously injects money to increase money supply what do the seasonal swings of increasing and decreasing rates of growth of the money supply represent?  Is this the fed’s attempts to optimize or “dial in” the money supply for what they feel is optimal to keep the economy growing?

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