Sunday, December 3, 2017

New Social Justice Warrior Attack on the Economics Sector

Sharon Nunn writes in The Wall Street Journal:
The economists guiding policies on everything from housing to health care disproportionately hail from one demographic group: white men. The pipeline that feeds the field is still proportionally lacking women and minorities, according to new research from the Federal Reserve.

The imbalance is potentially harmful to the
broader economy, the field of economics and students themselves.

Women made up about 30% of the nation’s economics majors, while minorities represent just 12%, according to the Fed study. Both numbers are significantly lower than the share of women and minorities who attend college. Women make up almost 58% of the student body and minorities represent about 21%.

If women and minorities majored in economics at proportional rates, there would be more than 18,000 additional women and another 6,000 minority economics majors graduating every year.

Without more diversity, “we as a profession are likely to see one particular set of problems as most demanding our attention, and we are similarly likely to see one particular set of solutions as providing the most compelling remedies to those problems,” the report’s authors, Amanda Bayer and David Wilcox, wrote

Changing the identity of the economists participating in the policy process will likely change “both the problems that are seen as important and the solutions that are seen as most promising,” Ms. Bayer and Mr. Wilcox said.
Yes, who the hell cares about correct economics, let's focus on the skin color and the gender of economists spouting, no doubt, central planning economics.

WSJ even admits this:
The authors note that women and minorities often take markedly different policy stances from their white male counterparts. Responses to an American Economic Association survey, for example, showed female economists were considerably more likely than male economists to support requiring employers to provide health insurance to full-time employees...
Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic, who became the the nation’s first black regional Federal Reserve president when he took office in June, spent much of his time as an economist studying issues that disproportionately affect low-income citizens and minorities. Mr. Bostic previously said his background will impact his work at the Atlanta Fed.


  1. I can imagine all those economics departments being absolutely swamped with applications from women and minorities. And with all of them so over qualified, it must be hard to squeeze in all those white guys.
    So, in this context, Jews aren't considered a minority? How convenient.

    1. Jewish privilege is when you magically become white to tell white people to stop serving their interests, and then switch back to being jewish to serve your own interests.

    2. Paul Hansen, this is a great reply, though not necessarily applicable only to Jews. The game of preaching sacrifice to others while practicing ruthless self-interest is at least as old as their Wholly Babble Book - no doubt older. The morality of altruism is what parasites teach their victims. Jews, being smarter and ever so scholarly, may do it better than most, but they are not at all alone in playing that game.

    3. @John Howard
      It helps that some jews can pass as white. If renowned antiwhite Tim Wise wrote a book entitled "Black Like Me", people would see through his BS much easier.

    4. Is it not a cosmic law that anyone named Wise isn't?

  2. Is economics a science, or an animal breeding program? What is the scientific rationale for female economists to support employer provided benefits, or is that just an emotional opinion?

    Bayer and Wilcox, and their supporters, simply want their personal opinions validated. This is what main stream social science in academia has become today.

  3. For the most part this is Post Modernism BS. But that people of different back grounds will approach economics with differing perspectives is good. Examples are Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. Yuri Maltsev is another example being from the former Soviet Union; although SJW's will discount him as a white male.