Thursday, December 28, 2017

STOCKMAN: Bitcoin Craze Made Up of ‘Really Stupid Speculators’

David Stockman is excellent here. I love his explanation of why exchanges are getting involved in trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin craze made up of ‘really stupid speculators,’ David Stockman warns from CNBC.



  1. Any system made by humans can be changed or abused by humans. So much for blockchain. We should convert to the true gold standard worldwide. Unit of account is grams of 24 ct gold (coins and prices), private mints with no license, paper notes are just claim checks on coins, etc. See my books on Regards David Redick of

  2. He may be right about the collapse of Bitcoin but there is no reason to call people stupid for making money off of it. I won't be reading any of his chicken little material any more since I'm soo stupid.