Monday, December 25, 2017

The Lefties Are Moving to Red States

...and headed to a Red State.
 Karen Kwiatkowski writes:
Closer to home, Virginia is newly blue and progressive, thanks to federal lavishment of money – money taken from the other 49 states and from 100 million unborn taxpayers and then partially redistributed to our 8 most populated counties around the DC beltway and the eastern military regions.   As with most progressive states, Virginia has started to lose population, even as state voting participation trends higher.
Thanks to Trump's attack on the SALT deduction, this movement will accelerate.

For those of you Trump-supporters in Red states, you will be able to recognize your new social justice warrior neighbors because they are loud, busybodies who will demand things like transgender bathroom legislation---and higher taxes (logic is not one of their strong points).


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  1. Just ask the New Hampshire folks, whose state is filling with "Massholes". Or Oregon, which is now fully "Californicated".