Saturday, December 23, 2017

This is How Tax Reform Was Really Made

Open Secrets reports that, during the buildup to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act vote, 18 members of Congress received more than $100,000 in political contributions from lobbyists working on tax issues.

The biggest recipients were House Speaker Paul Ryan and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee  Orrin Hatch.

In total, lobbyists working on issues related to taxes donated $9.6 million to members of Congress during the first nine months of 2017:

Members of Congress who received more than $100,000 from ‘tax lobbyists’
Ryan, PaulRWIHouse$357,200
Hatch, OrrinRUTSenate$314,974
Heitkamp, HeidiDNDSenate$301,775
McCarthy, KevinRCAHouse$274,000
Nelson, BillDFLSenate$236,950
Brown, SherrodDOHSenate$230,372
Tester, JonDMTSenate$174,750
Kaine, TimDVASenate$163,850
Walden, GregRORHouse$156,346
Heller, DeanRNVSenate$147,200
Cantwell, MariaDWASenate$136,825
Tiberi, PatROHHouse$130,550
Heinrich, MartinDNMSenate$128,975
Casey, BobDPASenate$127,906
McCaskill, ClaireDMOSenate$121,615
Brady, KevinRTXHouse$116,425
Scalise, SteveRLAHouse$111,400
Donnelly, JoeDINSenate$110,549


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