Thursday, January 11, 2018

Corporate America Warns the Stable Genuis

Corporate America has fired a warning shot at President Donald Trump on immigration, telling the White House that moves threatening the legal status of 1m US immigrants are a danger to economic growth, reports The Financial Times.

Tom Donohue, head of the US Chamber of Commerce, stated that Trump’s hardline policies on immigration are increasingly at odds with business. “The bottom line is that we can’t strengthen and sustain economic growth if we don’t expand and support our workforce.”

This is absolutely correct as I discussed in this video:



  1. Wenzel already lives in a 3rd world country. Now he and the US Chamber are eager for the rest of us to join him.

    1. Re: Skip,

      Do you say things off the cuff like that as a matter of routine or is there medication you forgot to take today? Perhaps your lithium?

    2. Corporate america wants to protect and expand profit margins period. There is no "danger to economic growth," since the large corporate world is riding out the financialization of EVERYTHING until the economy crashes as a hollow husk it is.

      They have no intention of doing anything for economic growth that isnt related to seizing market growth and monopoly at the cost of everthing else.

      If anyone was serious about growth there would be a slew of incentives to encourage small business to once again thrive instead of being DOA at startup.

  2. I would like RW to prove me that the unemployment rate is really single digits and we truly need more people from these poop hole countries to allegedly fill jobs Americans won't do. I'd be more than happy to teach at a university for example; too many foreigners at most of them and those jobs should really go to Americans.

    But Skip is right. Immigration activists are stupid of these crappy cultures. Even leftist white Europeans are not that desirable given their cucked views.

    Libertarianism was founded from an Anglo Saxon culture. Even Germans and others don't have it.