Monday, January 1, 2018

Read 'Target Liberty' and EPJ Before Drudge?

Prof. Dominick T. Armentano sends along these kind words for the New Year:

Happy New Year my friend. Your sites get better and better. Some of use even check you out before Drudge!

All the best,
Dr. Armentano was one of the first economists (among the top five) to shape my economic and libertarian views when his book The Myths of Antitrust: Economic Theory and Legal Cases was first published in 1972.

His email means a lot.



  1. for me this is better reading that Drudge could ever be.

  2. I stopped reading Drudge since the site went full Trumpista. I check Reason, Target Liberty and EPJ every day, sometimes The Blaze, FEE or The Independent Institute.

  3. Actually I read EPJ and TL far more than Drudge. Now I have to get off my ass and subscribe.