Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tech Recruiting on Steroids

Corey B, an EPJ reader and subscriber to the EPJ Daily Alert, emails:
Granted that I'm a sample size of one, however I'm in the tech industry and have about 20 years of experience under my belt.  The level of recruitment is starting to reach a pace I haven't seen in about 11 years.

Literally in the past month, I've been hit up for tech jobs in six different companies.  One was a fantastic opportunity in Facebook but would have required me to relocate to San Francisco.  Another was for Target but again relocation to Minneapolis.  Another was for Capital One that also required relocation, and the rest are local companies in my area.  One is a regional newspaper struggling to remake themselves into a digital media house that seems to be willing to pay an almost Silicon Valley salary for help turning things around.

If this is any indication, in tech at least, talent availability seems pretty constrained and companies are willing to pay top dollar.  Decent salary growth seems to be at our doorstep.
But Corey B.,

With the Facebook position, did you take into consideration that aside from the homeless you would have to step over every other block in SF (and pay an astronomical rent for the opportunity)  you would get to attend Circle Rothbard-San Francisco every month? :)


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  1. Robert, without a doubt I did! I do frequent SF and Silicon Valley occasionally because of my profession (my current employer has an office there) and for fun, so I'm well aware of how bad the tenderloin smells. Sadly, you and Circle Rotherbard weren't enough to outweigh all the negatives.