Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Thank You Janet Yellen: Super Bowl LII Tickets Set To Be The Costliest Ever

The cheapest ticket on resale markets for the Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl is $4,370, according to TicketIQ. If Super Bowl LII ticket prices hold at Monday morning’s level, they would set a new record. A single seat on the 50-yard line is going for as high as $66,665.

Super Bowl LII will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on February 4.

None of this could have happened without mad Janet Yellen money printing.

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  1. Inflation? What inflation?

    Super Bowl I was the only Super Bowl in history that was not a sellout in terms of attendance, despite a TV blackout in the Los Angeles area (at the time, NFL games were required to be blacked out in the market of origin, even if it was a neutral site game and if it sold out). Of the 94,000-seat capacity in the Coliseum, 33,000 went unsold. Days before the game, local newspapers printed editorials about what they viewed as a then-exorbitant $12 price for tickets, and wrote stories about how viewers could pull in the game from stations in distant markets such as Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and San Diego.

    All known broadcast tapes of the game in its entirety were subsequently wiped by both NBC and CBS to save costs, a common practice at the time. This has prevented studies comparing each network's respective telecast.