Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Africans Among Us

Tyler Cowen writes:
One of the most striking facts about immigration to the U.S., unbeknownst even to many immigration advocates, is the superior education of Africans coming to this country. If we consider adults age 25 or older, born in Africa and living in the U.S., 41.7 of them have a bachelor’s degree or more, according to 2009 data. For contrast, the native-born population has a bachelor’s degree or more at the much lower rate of only 28.1 percent in these estimates, and foreign-born adults as a whole have a college degree at the rate of 26.8 percent, both well below the African rate.

How about high school degrees? About one-third of immigrants overall lack this credential, but only 11.7 percent of African-born migrants don’t have a high school degree. That’s remarkably close to the rate for native-born Americans, estimated at 11.4 percent.

Or consider Nigerian-Americans, Nigeria being the most populous nation in Africa. Their education levels are among the very highest in the U.S., above those of Asians, with 17 percent of Nigerian migrants having a master’s degree.

In addition, about three-quarters of African migrants speak English, and they have higher than average rates of labor force participation. They are also much less likely to commit violent crimes than individuals born in the U.S.
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I should make clear that even if Africans were less educated and skilled, from an economic perspective it might still make sense for them to immigrate, provided it is not to get government handouts. Non-government encouraged immigration would result in a general increase in the standard of living for all.


  1. Tyler what are you smoking? Come to MN and check out "Little Mogadishu" in Minneapolis, and the crime rates of the Somali immigrants in MN.

    1. Are they worse than the crime rates in little Italy in the 1920s?

    2. Not true

      "Cedar-Riverside (aka “Little Mogadishu” for its high concentration of Somali immigrants) has a relatively low crime rate within Minneapolis. Minneapolis’ crime rates in general have been falling, not rising, since Somali immigrants began settling in the city. All this is the opposite of what you would expect if Somali immigrants really were coming to the United States to wreak havok with a wave of crime.

      Bottom line: the immigration of Muslims from Somali to Minneapolis has not produced any visible effect on crime, either in the city overall or in the particular neighborhood where Somali Muslims have most densely settled."

    3. Andrew Murphy: You just got conned. The violent crime rate in "Little Mogadishu" is 1.5X Minneapolis as a whole, and over 7X the overall rate in Minnesota. Never been a real high violent crime rate among Scandinavian Lutherans.

      Donxon: No idea how they compare to "Little Italy" of the 20's. It is well known the immigrants of the last 40+ years and their offspring commit a large portion of the crime here. If space aliens kidnapped all non-whites tonight, the violent crime rate would drop by half tomorrow, and only 15% of the population is non-white.

  2. On the subject of legal immigration, it is essential to differentiate between skilled and unskilled foreign workers, no matter their country of origin.

    For instance, consider the H-1B visa process for those skilled with a college degree in a specialty occupation, and see for yourself how challenging and incredibly time-consuming the current legal immigration process is for both the applicant (foreign worker) as well as the US sponsor (employer).

    Thus for an informed opinion on (absurdly difficult) legal immigration, have a look at this infographic by Reason Magazine (October 2008 Issue) titled "What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?" here:

    Best wishes,


  3. What about the 40 million Africans already here? The ones that have been rotting the country from within from the beginning?

  4. If the values and behavior of Africans are equal to, or superior to that of Anglo Saxons, why are there no rich African countries?

    1. Socialism. Just like why Argentina Slovenia and Romania are not economic paradises despite being white.

  5. Even if they are educated, and I've met such Africans from Nigeria and Ghana, and they probably were not here to commit crimes, but it's too bad they won't go back to their country and work to improve it after getting some 'America way' of doing things.

    Good questions from carldcuck and Marmite that won't get answered by libertardians.

  6. I work in a lab with a chemist who moved to New York from Ethiopia when he was 17. He is exactly the kind of person we need more of in America. People from poor countries have a tenacity that is hard come by among the far, soft and lazy americans.

  7. I don't many people would argue that there are zero good people coming here from Africa. However, it is easily argued that importing people from some of the poorest countries in the world is not a good idea for improving your nation's/community's long term health. While there are undoubtedly hard working people among them, it is naive to overlook the fact that most of them are a net financial drain on society as they access all the welfare programs available to them. The incentive of handouts will ensure that for every good person that arrives to work hard and bring value, there is at least one not so good one arriving who will do nothing but collect free stuff.

    I am amazed at how people on this site advocate unchecked immigration from the most undesirable places on the planet. The ability to overlook the evidence of their net negative impact on society is mind-blowing. Simply look at the places where mass African immigration has occurred and tell me that that location is better off with all these immigrants. Europe is the most in your face example of the destructive nature of bringing these people in. Violent crime has gone up wherever they settle (see no-go zones in Sweden and France). Rapes and other sexual assaults go up (see Sweden, Germany, England, France, etc.). Terrorism goes up, local traditions and customs are destroyed, public spaces are trashed, unsanitary behaviors go up (public urination and defecation, etc.), and almost always, the local have to curtail their rights to capitulate to the sensitivities of the immigrants.

    Lastly, encouraging mass immigration of people of a religious belief that is incompatible with the values of Western Civilization, is nothing less than suicidal.