Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ex-NYU Econ Professor: I’m no ‘stalker,’ I was framed

Three years after being accused of stalking Citigroup’s top economist, Willem Buiter, a former NYU professor says in court papers that the married economist framed her with nudie photos from their “love play’’ sessions — and that Manhattan prosecutors ignored her when she told them, reports The New York Post.

Buiter, Citi’s global chief economist, had shown 1,251 pornographic snaps to prosecutors with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office back in 2013 when he got his lover-turned-stalker, Heleen Mees, a fellow Dutch citizen, arrested.

Buiter, a father of two, said the snaps were nude selfies Mees sent to him in hundreds of e-mails as part of a post-breakup harassment campaign.

Mees says in the new filing that she told prosecutors at the time that Buiter was lying but that they refused to believe her.

She claims that she did not send him these photos of her “private parts” and says she now has forensic proof that the pictures were actually snapped by Buiter himself as he watched her masturbate with sex toys during their dozens of online trysts over Skype.

She is seeking to have a Manhattan judge force the DA’s office to revisit what she is calling prosecutors’ “fraudulent” stalking case.

Mees previously agreed to take a so-called ACD in the case, or dismissal of the charges, if she completed therapy. She has completed therapy, and the charges were already dismissed, but she doesn’t even want the ACD in her sealed file.

She says that as a result of Buiter’s “false” and “libelous” allegations, she lost her job teaching economics at NYU, has been unable to find other employment and suffers from chronic depression.

“It has been extraordinarily distressing for Mees to know that Buiter recorded their intimate love play via Skype webcam and held onto the naked photos on his mobile devices while he was reporting her in July 2013 to the New York Police Department and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office,” the court papers say.

“Any naked photos of Mees in the criminal file were the product of unlawful surveillance.”


(via The New York Post)

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