Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Last Chance to Stop a Very Dangerous Economist From Getting Senate Banking Committee Approval

Marvin Goodfriemd
The Senate Banking Committee will vote on Marvin Goodfriend’s nomination to the Federal Reserve’s board of governors on Thursday, according to a notice from the committee, reports The Wall Street Journal.

President Trump nominated Goodfriend, an economist at Carnegie Mellon University, in November to fill an open seat on the seven-member board of governors.

He is very bad news. He is in favor of negative interest rates during downturns. That is, taxing money you hold at a bank during a recession. No saving for a rainy day and the possibility of additional funds in your account if you get laid off during a recession, with him around.

Call the Senate banking committee members, tell them Goodfriend is very dangerous.


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  1. Not only is he in favor of negative interest rates, but he also has no fashion sense. Who buttons the top button of a shirt when he's not wearing a tie?