Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sabrin Blasts Trump's Gas Tax Hike

At a White House meeting yesterday with party leaders and senior administration officials, President Trump called for hiking the federal gas tax by 25 cents to to pay for his infrastructure projects.   Declared New Jersey U.S. Senate Libertarian Party candidate Murray Sabrin is adamantly opposed to President Trump’s proposal to hike the federal gas tax by $.25. Instead, the Ramapo College finance professor is calling for the abolition of the $.184 federal gasoline and 24.4 cents diesel fuel tax. 

Sabrin points out the Interstate Highway System was built with funds authorized by the Federal Highway Act of 1956, and is better known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956.

Sabrin is calling upon President Trump and members of Congress to authorize the transfer of funds from the bloated Defense Department budget to the Highway Trust Fund so upgrading America’s Interstate Highway System and complementary projects could be funded without burdening the American people with more taxes. 

According to Sabrin, “The average American family needs tax relief from the payroll tax, state and local taxes and the high cost of living, which is now accelerating because of the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing policies to ‘stimulate’ the economy after the Great Recession of a decade ago.”  In addition, Sabrin supports eliminating the diesel fuel tax, which would save independent truckers, shipping companies, and other users of diesel fuel collectively billions of dollars per year.



  1. Boy, this is a hard one. Do I want an additional $.25 a gallon added to my fuel, which would cost me about $130,000 a year, or do I want to repeal the diesel fuel tax, which would allow me to keep an additional $130,000 a year...
    It's amazing how many comments I have read at different sites talking about the tax hike that say, "the highway was never built for the public anyway! It's a privilege the military allows us to use it, we should pay whatever they want to use it"...

    Too many morons.

    1. National highways were originally a national defense project begun in the late 50's. I know that Dallas area has already built some toll road highways well before the federal government made it their mission. I would guess other areas of the country did to.