Wednesday, February 21, 2018

STOCKMAN: "The Education of Mick Mulvaney—-He’s No David Stockman!"

Mick Mulvaney
This is excellent.

David Stockman, with plenty of justification, links to a National Review essay by Veronique de Rugy, The Education Of Mick Mulvaney, where she writes:

I am incredibly disappointed to see my hopes about budget director Mick Mulvaney go up in flames. See, I thought that as a budget director, he would be more like David Stockman than many of the successors we have had since he left his job after serving in the Reagan White House...What I am most disappointed by is what looks like a total abdication of what made him such an unusual Republican representative. As I wrote:
Better yet, like Stockman, he isn’t afraid to go after the Republican sacred cow—defense spending

It is really difficult for me to understand how anyone bought into anyone who joined the Trump administration. Trump has only hired clowns, yes men and generals. This was obvious from the start.

This is what I wrote about Mulvaney when he was confirmed in February of last year:
I do not expect much positive from Mulvaney.
During Senate confirmation testimony, he said he was in open to raising Social Security taxes via raising the cap on Social Security payroll taxes, as well as being open to cutting benefits via raising the retirement age to extend the program’s solvency.
However, he said he was in favor of raising military spending. He said he backed Trump’s plans to boost military spending.
That said, it is good to see de Rugy take on a Trump hire, something a lot of libertarians are still not doing.


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  1. I live in SC and Mick Mulvaney was my Representative. I was never overly impressed with him. Your February 2017 comment about him last year speaks volumes. He’s a tool, a Trump bot, a typical politician. The sooner guys like him go away the better.