Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Google to Ban Cryptocurrency Advertisements

Google will ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings as of June, reports the Financial Times.

Google said in a blog post that it had “updated several policies to address ads in unregulated or speculative financial products like binary options, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange markets and contracts for difference (or CFDs)”.

The company said it will ban advertisements for “cryptocurrencies and related content” including cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and trading advice.

Hey, if they think it is a scam or extremely risky, nothing wrong with blocking these kinds of advertisements.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. I feel like this (along with the constant bellyaching from the banker class) only serves to increase the “street cred” of cryptos.

  2. Gaggle is just another arm of the government under the guise of 'free enterprise'. Libertardians are such gullible fools as usual. It's right up there with race egalitarianism.