Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jamie Dimon Says Gary Cohn’s Resignation From the White House is ‘Terrible’

J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon says the news of White House chief economic advisor Gary Cohn's departure from the Trump administration is "unfortunate."

"I think it is terrible. I think Gary is a very strong proponent of economic growth and is quite bright and knowledgeable," Dimon said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. "I think he was good to have in the White House, not as the press writes to defend Wall Street. He knows how an economy runs, he knows what needs to be done to make it healthier for all Americans, and he's not there. It's unfortunate."

Dimon has a point, Cohn is from the crony side of Wall Street but he was solidly against tariffs. With him gone, the people are in charge will do nothing but fill Trump's economically ignorant brain with crazed interventionist trade policies.

 -Robert Wenzel 

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