Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Milton Friedman Destroys a Supporter of Wealth Redistribution

Friedman is very good here.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. Sure, he is great on one point of free markets then flips on another for more intervention. He was a supporter of a guaranteed income. NOw, some of his reasons were note worthy considering having the Fed, printing money for government bonds, and hundreds of social welfare programs and bloated bureaucracies. But still, how about striking at the core problems rather than try to jerry rig around it?

  2. The question posed to Friedman was laughably naive. Yes, it is not the fault of a poor person in the third world that he is born into a poor society, but how does that justify forcibly taking from someone born into a wealthy society? The plight of the poor person is not due to the fault of the other person. Moreover, if the other person generates his wealth from providing goods of value to consumers who voluntarily buy from him, why is he to blame for the poor person's plight? Perhaps this questioner should direct his anger at the consumers who gave their money to this entrepreneur instead of sending it to the poor person in the third world.