Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rand Paul Explodes

With Congress teetering on the brink of its third government shutdown in three months, Sen. Rand Paul still hasn't seen the details of a new budget bill that's likely to be 1,000 pages long — and he's not pleased, reports McClatchyDC.

In an interview with McClatchy he said, this is a "rotten, terrible, no good way to run your government."

"I ran for office because I thought the Obama spending and trillion dollar annual deficits were a real problem for our country and now Republicans are doing the same thing.

“So I'm giving them the same grief I gave Obama."

Go Rand, let them have it!

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. "..Republicans are doing the same thing."

    Where's he been. They always have when in power.

  2. Sen. Paul is tweeting his reading of the 2,000 page omnibus bill.

    "1. On page 207. 2000+ pages to go! Reading about the ever wasteful $6 billion National Science Foundation."