Thursday, March 15, 2018

Russian Plane Loses 3 Tons Of Gold On Takeoff

A Russian plane with ten tons of gold, platinum and diamonds lost a significant part of its cargo upon taking off from an airport in the Russian region of Yakutsk, famous for its rich natural resources and diamond deposits.

The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane hit problems during takeoff, resulting in a breach in the hull that allowed its cargo to fall all over the runway.

According to the Siberian Times, police sealed off the runway and a vast search is underway.

Local media reports that the bars seen in the photo are indeed gold, platinum and gems. TASS cited officials from the Interior Ministry as saying that some 172 gold bars weighing about 3.4 tons were recovered.

The technical engineers at the Yakutsk airport who prepared the plane for takeoff have been detained.

-Robert Wenzel 

(via ZeroHedge)