Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why Larry Kudlow Got the Top Economic Position in the White Hosue Despite His Past Heavy Cocaine Use

Larry Kudlow
On Friday, White House chief-of-staff John Kelly went off the record with a group of reporters.

Kelly's comments were leaked. Among his comments, he told reporters why Larry Kudlow's past heavy cocaine use was not a problem as far as Kudlow getting the top economic position in the administration.

Axios reports:
Kelly also said that Larry Kudlow’s past cocaine habit won’t be a problem for his security clearance, as it is public knowledge. Kelly joked that the 1990s were “a crazy time.”
The idea is that since it is public, no one can be in a position to blackmail Kudlow. And if it wasn't general knowledge before, it is now after a recent Brad DeLong post.

Kudlow reports he has been off the white powder for 26 years.

But, Larry still needs to be careful, power is addicting. It will make you say and do things that even a street junkie wouldn't attempt.

-Robert Wenzel 

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