Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Does Larry Kudlow Have Big Time Influence with the President?

President Trump has made it clear that Larry Kudlow, his new economic adviser, "direct reports" to him and not through chief-of-staff General John Kelly, according to CNN sources.

But the big question is does access mean influence? Kudlow is a free marketer-lite and I'm told by people close to Kudlow that he is against all the tariffs Trump has imposed and others he wants to impose but Kudlow will never contradict the president publicly on television. He is playing his cards close. But does he play them so close that he doesn't educate the president in private on the benefits of free market policy?

What economic policies Trump implements in coming months will tell us if Kudlow is able to influence the economic ignoramus president. Or if Kudlow is just blowing kisses toward the orange haired one.

-Robert Wenzel  

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