Monday, April 23, 2018

Fighting the High Minimum Wage: The Robotic Coffeebar in San Francisco

As the minimum wage climbs, it makes more sense for retail vendors to employ robots.

Robotic Coffeebar has just opened its second location in San Francisco on Market Street at the corner of the financial district. The first SF location opened last year inside the Metreon movie and restaurant complex. The coffebar has no baristas, all the coffees are made by robot.

The product specialist at the new location told me they already have many regulars. She said that as the regulars walk to work, many order via app and the coffee is ready when they enter the shop.

Here's a peek inside:

 Bye, bye baristas.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. I hope these robots have been through the equivalent of Starbucks' sensitivity training.

  2. But are these America-born robots? Keeping with the "Making America Grating Again" theme, employers should only give those jobs to red blooded (and white) American robots and not those damned immigrant robots who takum er jebz! and want to date our daughters.

  3. Bye, bye loiterers too, from the looks of it.

  4. But does it give black people free reparations coffee?