Thursday, April 12, 2018

Larry Kudlow Wants His Own Press Secretary

Hey, if I was in the White House and had David Stockman coming after me. I would want my own press secretary also. And a seat on the National Security Council!

Vanity Fair reports:
Kudlow has also tangled with Kelly. Recently, according to sources, Kudlow told press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that he would like his own press person. Sanders explained that the press office could handle his media and that he didn’t need a dedicated person. “Larry was like, I’m not asking for permission,” a person briefed on the conversation said. When Kelly found out about Kudlow’s request, he blocked it. Kudlow, according to sources, didn’t force the issue with Kelly. But he wasn’t happy about it. “Larry was like, what the fuck does this guy know about the economy?” a person who spoke with him said.
-Robert Wenzel  

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