Friday, April 27, 2018

They’re Now Making Vodka From San Francisco Fog ($134 per Bottle)

Just as San Francisco Fed President John Williams is about to head to New York City to take the power position of New York Federal Reserve president, news comes that a San Francisco distiller is making vodka with the use of San Francisco fog.

This should be an alert to my friends on Wall Street. I have often thought that monetary policy recommendations coming out of Willams' San Francisco Fed were fog induced.

Now, Williams is going to be able to bring bottles of the monetary policy mind-altering fog in liquid form with him to the canyons of Wall Street.

Does Lloyd Blankfein really need to get any giddier?

Specifically, the distillers at Hangar 1 use a “fog-catching netting technology.” The mist is converted into fresh water, which is then combined with Napa Valley-sourced wine. Finally, the liquid is distilled and turned into this limited-edition spirit (just 5,000 bottles), which sells for about three to four times the price of regular Hangar 1 expressions. In other words, you really do need newly printed Fed money pumped into Silicon Valley to afford to buy the stuff.

Could this be the ultimate signal of the end of the Fed manipulated boom phase? Fog created vodka at three to four times the price?

I need a drink.

-Robert Wenzel  

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