Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Report on “Saturday-Morning-Cartoon Central Planning” in the Oval Office

The Wall Street Journal editorial board reports:
Mr. Trump has been getting an earful about the damage that his tariffs-first trade policy might do to U.S. farmers if countries like China retaliate. But instead of dropping the tariffs, Mr. Trump and some of his advisers are floating the idea of increasing farm subsidies to compensate, say, soybean farmers whose export sales and incomes fall.
Trump's nutjob trade hater apparently is behind this:
The savant behind this idea appears to be adviser Peter Navarro...
But there was also some sound advice given to Trump:
At a White House meeting on Thursday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made an ardent case to Mr. Trump that farmers want to compete rather than take handouts. Pat Roberts of Kansas said on the PBS NewsHour that farmers want “trade, not aid.” Ben Sasse of Nebraska has called the subsidy proposal “Saturday-morning-cartoon central planning,” which is an insult to the Roadrunner.

It is not clear what Trump absorbed.

-Robert Wenzel  

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