Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amazon-Hating Socialist Seattle City Council Member Selling Her New Book on Amazon

Amazon-hating,  socialist Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant is pre-selling her new book, American Socialist, on the very capitalist Amazon.

From the blurb to her book:
This is the story of how Sawant toppled a sixteen year incumbent who was backed by a powerful Democratic Party establishment, and reshaped Seattle’s political culture around demands for economic and social justice, reviving national debate around municipal socialism in the process. This is an inspiring call for more movements to speak to the scores of young and old people who are looking for alternatives to capitalism.

But don't put your order in just yet. It appears Sawant has not yet finished her manifesto and a publication data at Amazon is listed as September 2019.

MyNorthwest questions if it will ever get published:
 When will it be published? The goal was 2015, but it’s not expected this year.

“We don’t know the actual date yet,” said a member of the Verso [publishing company] team, saying the whole project has been a “moving target.”

“We’re excited to publish it, but it’s been put on hold,” she told me.

Why is it so late? “No reason given; It’s due,” by Sawant, I was told.

The staffer first said they didn’t get the manuscript, but then said they’ve received several versions. It seems like it’s nowhere near ready for publishing, with a September 2019 date given as a hopeful date.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. I look forward to getting my share of the proceeds from the sale of her book.

  2. If we could only more first generation immigrants like her. I guess magic dirt failed gain and race, culture, and IQ don't matter. She has much in common with her Latin American friends to the south of us.

    1. Seattle = 70% white

      So much for the “master race”