Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How Trump is Going to Screw Americans Even If He Doesn't Put Tariffs On EU Steel and Aluminum

The trade hating Trump advisor, Peter Navarro
On Monday President Trump postponed for 30 days decisions about imposing steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union and other U.S. allies.

But here is the thing, even if tariffs aren't imposed, Trump plans to limit via quotas the amount of steel and aluminum that will enter the United States from the European Union and other allies.

Peter Navarro, the anti-trade director of the White House Trade Council,  at a joint meeting of the American Iron and Steel Institute and the Steel Manufacturers Association on Tuesday  said:
Any country, or entity like the European Union, that is exempt from the tariff will have a quota ... and other restrictions necessary to make sure we defend our industries in the interest of national security.
Of course, the national security claim is fake. See: The Absurd National Security Defense Arguments for Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum. The quotas, tariffs or whatever is coming will do nothing but distort steel and aluminum manufacturing in favor of U.S. manufacturers at the expense of Americans in general who will be forced to pay higher prices for products made with the two.

Navarro said there will be no further extensions for talks involving Canada, Mexico, the EU or others.

"Thirty days, that's it. A final 30 days, no more," he said.

-Robert Wenzel  

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