Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Larry Kudlow Reduced to Giving Men's Style Tips at the White House

With planned tariffs back on against China, free trader-light Larry Kudlow has been reduced to giving men's style tips at the White House.

The Washington Post reports what is not working for Kudlow at the White House:
Kudlow, who replaced Gary Cohn as director of the National Economic Council, has tried to temper some of Trump’s nationalistic impulses on trade — arguing against tariffs in meetings...
WaPo then fills us in on where Kudlow may be having an impact at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:
Known for his pinstripe suits, Kudlow cuts an affable swath through the West Wing and has taken to giving sartorial tips to male colleagues — specifically arguing against brown shoes with blue suits. 
The Bezos rag did not indicate in its story if Kudlow recommends the use of a Chinese tailor.


GQ appears on the scene to discuss Kudlow's fashion advice"

Let’s start with this. There are plenty of ways to
screw up your suit—too big, too small, matchy-matchy pocket square, you were measured for it via algorithm—but blue suit-plus-brown shoes isn’t one of them. We’ve said it a couple hundred times, and recently, too. The combo works for just about every situation. If you want to play it safe, you go blue and brown. And if you want to look like the kind of guy who drove his Vespa to work without spilling his espresso, you go blue and brown, too. (That doesn’t mean you can’t wear black shoes with a navy suit. Do that, too.)

Moreover: if you’re a member of the Trump administration, you’ve already sullied your reputation to the point of no return. And now you’re gonna take suiting advice from a guy whose formative dressing experience was Wall Street in the early 1990s?

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