Thursday, May 17, 2018

This Week in Economic Ignorance of the Great Leaders of the People's Republic of San Francisco

Plastic straws may soon be banned in the People's Republic by the Bay.

San Francisco City Supervisor Katy Tang on Tuesday introduced legislation that would prohibit the distribution and sales of plastic straws as well as plastic sticks to stir drinks, plastic toothpicks, and plastic splash sticks.

The ordinance would ban any foodware products that have fluorinated chemicals in them and any foodware labeled as compostable must be certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, city officials said.

According to SF Bay News, Tang made the announcement with supervisors London Breed, Ahsha Safai and and Department of Environment Director Debbie Raphael at a press conference.

The justification for this latest wacko "let's make legislation" move is "in order to protect the environment."

Though it is difficult to understand how straws and other plastics dumped in waste containers at restaurants need to be regulated out of existence to protect the environment. Straws in waste containers are, yes, just waste and basic economics can take over to insure it is properly disposed of or alternative methods adopted if high costs so indicate. 

It is not complicated, price and cost are powerful signals directing business owners on how to act. No little Mao's or little Stalin's needed.

Plastic at the beach may be a different story but the Great Leaders of the foggy city don't recognize what should be an obvious difference. They just issues orders everywhere. Can't wait to see what new orders they think up for June.

-Robert Wenzel  

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    Socialism comes to WEATHER!! Boundless JOY comes to the People!! Merely by passing laws...make that FORMULATING RULES...Socialist Energy Policy ends the misery of Capitalist Pollution!!

    All HAIL the Five Year Plan!!!