Friday, June 8, 2018

DESPERATE California Wants to Tax Drinking Water!

California Gov. Jerry Brown is prodding lawmakers to add a sizable tax on citizens drinking water, reports the Daily Caller.

The tax on drinking water, if passed, would be the first in California’s history. The average Californian would pay an additional $11.40 per year for drinking water.

The money would go toward addressing drinking water tainted with arsenic and other contaminants in the San Joaquin Valley. Urban water agencies are trying to kill the bill, arguing the issue is confined to California’s rural areas.

The real problem is, of course, that Brown's budget contains so much crony and insane lefty spending that he has to create even more taxes to cover needed infrastructure repairs. If he cut back on crony and lefty spending, there would be plenty of money for water infrastructure repair.

 Brown's 2018-2019  proposed budget: $190.3 billion.

Of course, he should really just privatize the water sector as I point out in, Dear Fellow Health Club Member, Please Leave Me the Hell Alone: An economic analysis of the water "shortage".


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  1. I look forward to The left coast taxing itself back into a semi-arid wasteland