Saturday, June 2, 2018

Parkland Shooting Survivor Quotes Walter Block

Kyle Kashuv with the President and First Lady
Kyle Kashuv a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, sent out this tweet:

Let's hope the President sees it and digests it.

Kashuv is against gun control. He said he does not believe a ban on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines would eliminate mass shootings. Kashuv instead placed blame for the massacre with "the cowards of Broward", referring to the Broward County Sheriff's Office deputy who did not go inside the school while the shooting was occurring and the department allegedly ignoring prior calls to them regarding concerns about the shooter.

One Stoneman Douglas teacher has called Kashuv "Hitler" because of his views.

Kashuv is ranked #1 in his class of 856 students.


(ht Luis Rivera)


  1. But Hitler was FOR gun control. It was one of his key strategies to disarm the Jews before turning on them.

  2. classic strategy, attacking the person, rather than the argument. Public edukation "teacher" publicly decrying one of the institution's students and engaging in "name calling." I'm glad I had better teachers, and parents who taught me to be better than that. I respect Kashuv's courage. He's smart enough to know he's going to be marginalized for speaking Truth.