Tuesday, June 5, 2018

POWERFUL: The Inside Story of How Latin America Has Been Destroyed By Socialism and Dictators

This presentation by Gloria Alvarez Cross is the best explanation of what has occurred in Latin America.

This is a must watch.

Gloria Álvarez Cross
is the host of the "Viernes de Gloria" radio program in Guatemala.

Of note, she has become well known for her discourses against populism, a movement she believes has resulted in political instability in many Latin-American countries. Her first book is" El Engaño Populista" (The Populist Deception) with Axel Kaiser


(ht Ali Charanek)


  1. Yet we need more leftist from this place coming to America.

    1. I’d like as many people as possible to escape socialism and go somewhere where they can maximize their potential. Under socialism, vast quantities of human capital are squandered, and we’re all poorer for it.

    2. Most of them come over here and voted for the Zero Negro and Democrats. Is this point lost on you?

    3. Which of the two retarded political parties someone votes for is pretty low on my list of important characteristics.

      And I’m sure the republicans will eventually figure out how to avoid nominating a candidate who call them a bunch of murderers and rapists, and will probably end up suckering plenty over to their side anyway.

      And if we’re depending on any electorate’s capacity for wisely selecting a leader, then we’re already screwed anyway.

  2. What determines which ideas rule a culture and society? People? Material circumstances? A powerful elite? Tell me please.