Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thank You, Federal Reserve: Silicon Valley Law Firms Set All-Time Salary For 2017 Associates

The Silicon Valley legal orgy in one chart:

The Federal Reserve money-pumping spigot is in full force blasting out newly created money in Silicon Valley.

Above-the-Law reports:
 [ Robert V. Gunderson Jr., chairman and founding partner of] Silicon Valley powerhouse Gunderson Dettmer notified associates that the firm would be matching the Cravath’s salary scale [$190,000 for 2017associates.] and Simpon Thacher’s bonuses across the country. Who’s your daddy now, associates?
Of course, it is doubtful most of the associates could correctly answer the "Who’s your daddy now, associates?," question, even with a DNA test from a Silicon Valley genetics firm.

The correct answer is Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell.


(ht James Gourley)

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