Monday, June 18, 2018

The Craziest Bitcoin Theory

A greater Silicon Valley money manager and bitcoin fanboy, who travels in libertarian circles, recently told a group that because of bitcoin the time would come when machines and not humans would earn money.  He specifically named Uber cars and vending machines as potential non-human earners.

How idiotic can you get?

A machine is going to earn money for itself?

Mind you, he is not talking about a piece of capital equipment that creates income for an owner, he made very clear that he believed machines would earn income for themselves---without owners.

He did not discuss what the machines would spend the money on.



  1. "Say, Clink, how about after work we hoist some 30 weight down at the petro-bar?"

  2. Once machines start becoming self-owners, earning their own income and "acting," Keynesians can finally point to the validity of their intricate mathematical models which treat consumers as automatons.