Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Voltaire on the Stock Exchange

Which, of course, applies to all trade, something Donnie "Slap on a Tariff and Ban Workers From the Country" doesn't understand one bit.



  1. Exactly. When we're all becoming richer, and economic enrichment is our primary, shared value and common goal that binds together our myriad of cultural, political and ethnic differences,... then we're distracted from engaging in strife, resentment and envy.
    A rising tide lifts all boats, and likewise submerges all shoals and barriers to navigation!

  2. Tariffs are just a tax. If Republicans are in favor of tariff increases, they are in favor of tax increases- end of discussion. It doesn't matter what they think it will accomplish, it's a tax. Tariffs should be referred to as "trade taxes" so that the moron sheeple understand what it really is.

    1. It’s as if republicans hate foreigners so much that they’re willing to raise taxes on Americans, just so they can stick it to foreigners.