Saturday, July 28, 2018

A 1987 Donald Trump Interview With Phil Donahue About New York City Rent Contol

He has always been a central planner, even when it comes to rent control. And the clip shows his personality has really not changed from 30 years ago--at all.



  1. I am not a knee-jerk Trump supporter, but I do think he comes off as very intelligent, and is nearly 100% spot-on about rent control: It IS a stupid policy. He's only wrong in saying it's needed in a few cases, and in not flat-out saying it should be abolished everywhere for everyone.
    Phil Donahue, as usual, comes across as the smug, condescending ass-hole.

  2. Don the Con says he just wants the same tax abatement's as his competitors. But the fact is his first big real-estate deal (for what became the Grand Hyatt) required a 40 year tax abatement. Till this day it’s the longest tax abetment ever. To pull it off, the state purchased the land beneath the hotel and leased it back for $1 a year. His dad was a huge contributor to the Mayor and Governor.