Wednesday, July 18, 2018

BREAKING: EU Penalizes Google a Record $5 Billion

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The European Union has fined  Alphabet Inc.’s Google with a record antitrust fine of €4.34 billion ($5.06 billion).


Via The Wall Street Journal:

The EU’s antitrust regulator has been looking into whether Google had abused the dominance of its Android operating system, which runs more than 80% of the world’s smartphones, to promote and entrench its own mobile apps and services—particularly the company’s search engine.


RW note: How outrageous. It is not as though EU consumers don't have options. It is just that Google brings to market the product package most EU consumers prefer.

This sends a disturbing chilling effect on great enterprise in the EU zone. 

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  1. Jean Claude Juncker’s extortion department in Brussels is working overtime, yikes!