Thursday, July 26, 2018

Coke is Raising Its Soda Prices Because of Rising Costs Including Trump's Metals' Tariffs

Coca-Cola Co. has announced that it will take the unusual step of raising prices on its carbonated sodas in the middle of the year.

Chief Executive James Quincey said the price move was in response to rising costs, including higher freight rates and metal prices after the U.S. placed tariffs on Chinese imports earlier this year.

“There is some broad-based push on input costs that have kind of come in and affected ours and many other industries as well,” Quincey said.



  1. Yet you have the Trump fanboys touting the agreement to talk about an agreement between the US and the EU where the EU agreed to buy soybeans (which EU buyers were doing already) and buy more LNG, which EU energy companies were doing already, and reduce tariffs the EU was already willing to do since 2 years ago.

    It's all smoke and mirrors, folks.

    "At the same time U.S. trade policy is mired in protectionism, the rest of the world is pressing forward with trade liberalization. The EU and Japan recently signed a far-reaching trade agreement, cutting tariffs on trade in both directions, and liberalizing in other ways as well. Trump has been complaining about high EU tariffs on cars. Japanese producers will now see those tariffs phased out, but American producers will still be subject to them." Source:

    That is, the EU and Japan (well, their governments) agreed on reducing tariffs without the huffing and puffing that Trump is showing. But according to the 'Suck Trump's D¡ck Squad" at Fox News, the EU blinked.

    Right. This Trumpian 'deal' doesn't include cars, but it does include the kind of items that helps some Republicans.

  2. Even though this kind of intervention is dumb. I would say its better if less sick obese people drink this garbage, though we aren't sure what their alternative will be. One would highly doubt it's water.

    1. who are you to tell someone what to drink?

    2. Well, that's what I'd expect someone who thinks they should make decisions for others to say. You don't get to decide for someone else what they put into their body, whether that's Coke or "coke", if you catch my drift.