Thursday, July 5, 2018

God Bless the Koch Brothers?

Their billions have finally had an impact. With their help, it appears silly statist hair braiding laws will be ended..

The Grio reports:
West African hair braiding businesses are fairly common in New Jersey. However, because state regulations mandate that owners attend costly cosmetology schools, many immigrants who have already learned how to do hair from their matriarchs in their homeland end up doing it illegally often times without a license.

In an effort to curb this trend, over the last two years, many of these African women – some documented, others not – have lobbied legislators in Trenton to get the law changed, according to

And it appears their work has not been in vain as they’re now on the verge of watching the legislature change the law to exempt them from the cosmetology requirement.

What’s most surprising about this endeavor is that it was guided by the state chapter of Americans For Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers.

“Those guys came and said, ‘We are going to work you through this,'” said Anita Yeboah, a braider originally from Ghana who works in Trenton. “All we can say to them is, God bless them for their time, for all they are doing."



  1. --- What’s most surprising about this [...] ---

    One of these days it will stop be surprising that liberty-minded people do work to increase liberty.

  2. For years I've supported efforts to end hair-braiding regulations by donating to the Institute for Justice. Americans for Prosperity is now a public interest law firm and not just a lobbying group?