Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ivanka Trump Cheers Central Planning in the Jobs Training Sector

Ivanka "I will fix the workforce "Trump

Invaka Trump writes in an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal:
With more companies expanding, hiring and raising wages, it is time to deliver better workforce training so that all Americans have the chance to move into better jobs and earn bigger paychecks. Already this administration has taken action to expand apprenticeships, increase access to STEM education for K-12 students, and help 11 million students and workers by working with Congress to pass an improved Perkins Career and Technical Education bill. On Thursday the president will sign an executive order to prioritize and expand workforce development so that we can create and fill American jobs with American workers.

First, this action establishes the National Council for the American Worker, composed of senior administration officials, who will develop a national strategy for training and retraining workers for high-demand industries. For decades the government has had more than 40 workforce-training programs in more than a dozen agencies, and too many have produced meager results. The new council will help make the government more efficient, innovative and, most importantly, focused on results.

Another critical task of the council will be to facilitate the use of data to connect American businesses, workers and educational institutions. All participants in the job market should know what jobs are available, where they are, what skills are required to fill them, and where the best training is available.

We will also launch a nationwide campaign to highlight the growing vocational crisis and promote careers in the skilled trades, technology and manufacturing.

Second, this executive order forms an advisory board comprising leaders from the private sector, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and state governments. They will work with the administration to implement results-driven job-training programs in classrooms and workplaces across the country.

Finally, the administration is asking companies and trade groups throughout the country to sign our new Pledge to America’s Workers—a commitment to invest in the current and future workforce.
Ivanka is as economically ignorant as her father. Just why does she think free markets would fail in ?job training or the posting of jobs? This perspective is silly.

She is simply a junior to her father in thinking she can manage the private sector (with government help). This is not draining the swamp, it is creating another spot where opportunists who live off of government crony payouts can ply their activity.



  1. Ivanka Trump’s screed in the WSJ is proof positive that having successful businesses and a nine figure net worth is not proof that you understand basic economics.

    Free markets with prices, profits & losses, and respect for private property would solve the so-called jobs problem. Government is the epitome of inefficiency and it is THE reason why we have so many problems in education, healthcare, the economy, etc., etc., etc.