Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Marc Rich Movie Coming

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Matt Damon is in the early stages of attaching to star as the fugitive billionaire commodities trader Marc Rich in The King of Oil. Universal Pictures has optioned the project for Sunday Night Productions, which is John Krasinski’s production banner, reports Deadline.

In 2009, at the time his book was announced, I wrote:
Marc Rich is one of the most remarkable men of finance. I know a number of traders that worked for Rich. All the stories they tell me about Rich point to one thing, Rich has one of the most creative, aggressive and shrewd minds in finance, with a governments be damned attitude. He's one of a kind. People tell me that he kept Henry Kissinger on his payroll, even while he was living in Switzerland as a fugitive.
In a 2013 obituary, I wrote:
When the authorized biography of Rich was about to come out, I reported that Rich had Henry Kissinger on his payroll (while Rich was still a fugitive). Rich seemingly endorsed this report, by linking to it on a book promotion page of his personal web site.

Rich should be remembered most of all though for his consistent ability to work around governmet attempts to prevent commerce. Whether there were on-going sanctions against Iraq, Iran or whatever country, you could count on Rich to find an angle to get product moving in and out of those countries---for a nice profit, of course. Rich was a character right out of an Ayn Rand novel, who fought evil government restrictions and wound up a billionaire for doing it.

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